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Exposure Sheet

Price €15.83
Exposure sheet: An exposure sheet (also referred to as camera instruction sheet, dope sheet or X-sheet) is a traditional animation tool that allows an animator to organize his thinking and give instructions to the cameraman on how the animation is to be shot. Our exposure sheets are structured whith lines. Each line represents an image lasting more or less time depending on frame rates (8, 12, 16, 24, 25 or 30 images per second). WIth this tool, the animator will be able to note detailed informations during the shooting. The sound engineer and the cameraman also have to track the exposure sheet in order to synchronize sounds and images. size: (30x42cm) Pack of 20 sheets 

100 cells 12 field acme...

Price €66.58
100 cells 12 field acme punched for animation : Once the clean-ups and in-between drawings for a sequence are completed, they are prepared for photography, a process known as ink-and-paint. Each drawing is then transferred from paper to a thin, clear sheet of plastic called a cel , a contraction of the material name celluloid (cellulose acetate, seruga in Japanese). The outline of the drawing is inked or photocopied onto the cel, and gouache (or a similar type of paint) is used on the reverse sides of the cels to add colors in the appropriate shades. The gouache is fixed with ox gall or Colorex ink technic. The transparent quality of the cel allows for each character or object in a frame to be animated on different cels, as the cel of one character can be seen underneath the cel of another; and the opaque background will be seen beneath all of the cels.

12 fields guides

Price €58.25
12 fields guides : Punched Acme 12 fields. Guides field in acetate, are used for “stage design”. Used by animators and camera technicians to plot the proportions of artwork to film frame as well as movement and layout. Thanks to it, you can wedge proportions, anticipate movements, and you have several scales. Accurately shows each individual field size, as well as center, north, south, east, west and 45 degree diagonal positions.

Black aluminium easel 4 feet

Price €82.50
4-Legged Aluminum black Easel : Made in South Korea by our partner ANIS, this easel features heavy-duty aluminum construction and an ultra-stable design. Each leg is equipped with non-skid rubber feet and fully retractable spikes allowing it to be used as a field, tabletop or display easel.  The 4 Legged Aluminum black Easel is as stable as a table, Folds easily into a compact size and fits into a convenient storage bag with shoulder strap.  Storage bag size : 31cm x 6,5cm x 73cm Easel's weight : 2,14 kg

Black metal Easel

Price €36.67
3 feet metal country easel: Made in South Korea by our partner ANIS, the easel is steady, robust and flexible. Easel supplied with a protective cover with a zip pocket where you can sock sketches, pencils, colour tubes... This protective cover is designed with an adjustable strap for your comfort. Cover's size : 31cm x 6,5cm x 73cm Easel's weight : 2,14 kg    

Professional animation stand

Price €1,158.33
Professional animation stand Anis 1070 : Professional animation stand made with a column supporting a camera functioning picture by picture.Your camera can move on the column to make a travelling movement to the table where you fix your drawings or flat documents. the height of the column (11000 mm) allows to work with large-sized ddocument. This animation stand is supplied with an adaptator 220x90mm which is able to fix RVB camera and even view camera.  This animation stand is equipped with two 300 Watt lamps running on 220v sector. (This animation stand is designed to be used in Europe).     

Storyboard Frames Paper

Price €12.42
Storyboard Frames Paper: Storyboard is the illustrated representation of a movie before the film-making. With these papers, you will be able to draw the pattern with all the camera's and characters' movements, the faming, the viewing angles... These papers are used a lot for marketing and advertising.


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