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4 Oz Jar - Most of Golden gel and medium are avalable in our Parisian shop. But others are in our wharehouse located in Normandy. We bring back products once a week. Please contact us at : adam.montmartre (@) gmail.com we will check the products available for you.

4 Oz

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Airbrush Medium Golden - 4 Oz

Price €8.67
Airbrush Medium Golden - 4 Oz : Airbrush Medium  modifies GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics for spray application by reducing clog­ging and tip buildup during spraying. Recommended for spraying on garments, Airbrush Medium may also be used to thin other prod­ucts for spraying  such as Iridescent/Interference Acrylics and Gesso. NOTE: Airbrush Medium is NOT designed to mix with High Flow Acrylics (Use Airbrush Transparent Extender).

Airbrush Transparent...

Price €12.75
Airbrush Transparent Extender Golden - 4 Oz : AIRBRUSH TRANSPARENT EXTENDER: transparent thinner for airbrush colours - this diluant for air colours is made to increase the colour's transparency and adherence for GOLDEN airbrush.

Wetting Agent Golden - 4 Oz

Price €9.92
Wetting Agent Golden - 4 Oz : ACRYLIC FLOW RELEASE: this addititve allows you to fluidify the acrylic colours in a specific way (surfactant principal of the surface) to increase the colour's penetration into the canvas (stain effect). The Acrylic Flow Release is frequently used to get watercolour effects on canvas.

Open Thinner Golden - 4 Oz

Price €9.33
Open Thinner Golden - 4 Oz : Open Thinner is a water-based additive designed to thin the consistency of OPEN Acrylics without altering open time, as well as maintain and adjust the workability of colors on the palette. It can also function as a thin-bodied retarder when used with heavy body or fluid acrylics. It contains no binders, does not form a film and should never be used alone. Details: Available in multiple sizes, Water based Soap and water clean up


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