Pinhole Filler LK

LK Top Coats Pinhole Filler is a super strong leather filler designed to make thread holes disappear and repair scars and scuffs !

Pinhole Filler  LK

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Pinhole Filler LK

Price €13.33
Pinhole Filler Liquid Kicks : LK Pinhole Filler is a super strong leather filler designed to make thread holes disappear and repair scars and scuffs ! If you have ever removed an emblem from a shoe, the holes left behind from the stitching can be very obvious and take away from the clean look of the shoe ! LK Pinhole filler can make those holes completely disappear ! LK Pinhole Filler is extremely durable, flexible, stretchable, sandable, and paintable!!! Preparation: Remove all thread from holes and prepare the entire shoe as you normally would before applying any paint.  Clean holes or damaged area with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Sand area around holes with 800 Angelus grit sandpaper. Clean again with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Allow the area to air dry for 30 minutes before applying Pinhole Filler to allow all alcohol to evaporate. DO NOT USE ACETONE. Applying Pinhole Filler: Apply Pinhole Filler in light coats. Begin with one light coat directly to holes thick enough to fill the holes without having alot of excess filler on the surrounding leather. Allow the first layer to air dry for one hour. Smooth out the first layer with Angelus 800 or 1000 grit sandpaper. Wipe away any dust with a clean dry soft bristle paint brush. Apply a second layer if necessary and repeat sanding. Drying: Allow Pinhole Filler to dry for 5 hours before attempting to sand it or paint over it. Applying LK Intercoat : We recommend sealing the Pinhole filler and surrounding area with LK intercoat before applying any color to the shoes. Doing so will help hide the repair further.  Storage: Keep away from long term exposure to direct sunlight to prevent oxidation. It may cause a loss of product performance. Keep lid closed when not in use to prevent drying. Clean up: Clean all tools immediately use with Angelus brush cleaner or acetone.

Isopropylic alcohol 250 ml

Price €10.00
Isopropylic alcohol 250 ml: The Isoprylic alcool is also know as rubbing alcohol. A essential product for professional of restoration. It erases the most stubborn stains on fabrics. It also has a deodorizing function for your sneakers, it is also a solvent that allows you to remove marks of nail polish. And comes in addition to the LK leather filler to smooth the work between each layers.


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