Wooden Boxes - oil paint

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Wooden Boxes - oil paint

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Vintage Luxury Box Maimeri

Price €2,912.50
Vintage Luxury Box Maimeri - Limited edition : Entirely handmade by an Italian craftsman. The box is in wood covered by padding and lined with printed sky material. The handle and the edge of the corners are in leather. Valuable nuts and bolts in antique style brass. On request it can be personalized with an engraved brass plaque. Limited edition. 36 Assorted 20 ml tubes, 18 Assorted 60 ml tubes, 1 Flake White imitation 200 ml tube, 1 Odourless Thinner 250 ml bottle, 1 Dammar Varnish 250 ml bottle, 1 Rectified Turpentine, Essence 250 ml bottle, 1 Linseed Oil 250 ml bottle, 1 Gloss Picture Varnish 250 ml bottle, 2 Charcoal boxes, 1 Metal bowl, 1 Metal double bowl, 3 Knife spatulas, 3 Trowel knives, 4 White bristle brushes, 4 Kolinsky sable brushes, 1 Walnutwood palette, 1 Cloth for brush cleaning, 1 Universal Canvas Carrier, 1 Artisti hand made colour chart, 1 Treatise of painting written by Gianni Maimeri. Available for December contact us at adam.montmartre@gmail.com  to know the exact availability !

Sennelier Wooden Box

Price €324.17
This beautiful oil varnished wooden box set with leather straps includes the following : 22 extra-fine oil tubes of 40ml  1 jar of turpentine 75ml 1 jar of gloss painting varnish 75ml 2 brushes (351 n°10 and 350 n°8) Charcoals Embroided Sennelier cloth 1 double metal dipper wooden palette Painting knife Box size: 335 x 245 x 90 mm

Cheltenham Box Winsor & Newton

Price €370.83
Cheltenham Box Winsor & Newton : A superb quality wooden box with brass corners and carry handle.  The Cheltenham Box is a solid mahogany box featuring brass fittings with carrying handle. It containing: 20 x 37ml Tubes of Artists' Oil Colour,  Liquin Impasto Medium 60ml Tube, Artists' Painting Medium 75ml, Liquin Original 75ml and Sansodor Paint Thinner 75ml,  2 x Palette Knives (20 and 24 - sizes may vary subject to availability), Double Dipper with screw top, Wooden Palette, 2 Conte graphite Pencils 5 assorted Hog Brushes, 3 x 16" x 12" Winsor & Newton CanvasBoards. Inside the box : 20 x 37ml Tubes Artists' Oil Colour Winsor Lemon Winsor Yellow Indian Yellow Winsor Orange Winsor Red Winsor Red Deep Permanent Rose Winsor Blue (Green Shade) French Ultramarine Phthalo Turquoise Winsor Green Yellow Ochre Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Payne's Gray Titanium White (2 Tubes) Zinc White Winsor Violet (Dioxazine) Plus- Liquin Impasto Medium 60ml Tube ,  Artists' Painting Medium 75ml ,  Liquin Original 75ml and Sansodor Paint Thinner 75ml, 2 x Palette Knives  Double Dipper with screw top, Wooden Palette, 2 Graphite Pencils HB and 4B,, 3 x 16" x 12" Winsor & Newton Canvas Boards Dimensions of the box. Width 49cm x Depth 40cm x Height 8cm. The box will accommodate canvas boards up to 12" x 16" IMAGE NOT COMPLIANT (no eraser and pencil sharpener. Box of fusin instead)

Clouet Wooden Box - 14 tubes

Price €111.25
Wooden box set Clouet : This beautiful oil varnished wooden box set includes the following : - 13 extra-fine oil tubes of 34ml - 1 extra-fine white oil tube of 60ml - 2 bottles of medium - 3 brushes - 1 cup - charcoal - 1 palete knife - 1 wooden palette

Sennelier Oil Pastels Grand...

Price €331.67
Sennelier Grand Oil Color Pastel Wooden Box Set, 36-Colors : Created in the 1940's in collaboration with Pablo Picasso this creamy, lipstick-like pastel is rich in pigment, covers well, and has outstanding opacity and lightfastness. It is made with top quality pigments, an extremely pure synthetic binding medium and mineral wax. The pigments are ground with an inert, non-siccative binding medium that does not oxidize, ensuring stability of film and surface. The balance of this mix results in a creamy texture that invites broad strokes and freedom of expression. Each Grand sized pastel is the equivalent of 8 regular size sticks, measuring .75" by 5". This set comprises of the full range of Sennelier Grand Oil Pastels. Acid-free, Versatile pastel can be applied to any surface, Can be thinned with turpentine and worked with a brush Box size:  410 x 445 x 35mm


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