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Secret of the 15th and 16th centuries Flemish masters, overlooked for many centuries and rediscovered by Jacques Blockx around 1860. Amber brings smoothness to the colors and makes any varnishing useless.

Ambre Blockx

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Amber Oil Color Mediums

Price €112.50
Blockx Amber Oil Color Mediums : Blockx is the only company that has sold amber for over 100 years and can guarantee time tested results. Amber is the finest of all resins. Just a few drops mixed into your colors will make them more transparent and radiant. Pictures painted with amber do not require varnishing since the color is protected by the resinous amber—paint film becomes plastic, neither brittle or friable. Amber is one of the finest varnishes in the world today and may be used to protect painting as soon as the film is dry to the touch.


Price €120.83
The paintable solution is composed of pure amber, aspic oil, poppy seed oil and turpentine. Used as a medium, the painting solution is suitable in all cases and allows you to work for a long time in the cool. It brings smoothness to the colors and makes any varnishing unnecessary.


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