Holbein medium

Medium series from Hoilbein dedicated to watercolor painting and watercolor painting that extends the expression power artists and the range of techniques. At Adam Montmartre we carry all the range of medium : The multi Sizing, Gum arabic medium, Water Color medium, Iridescent medium and Ox Gall.

Watercolor holbein medium

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Multi Sizing medium

Price €19.67
Holbein Multi Sizing medium 60ml : Artist grade sizing liquid used to reduce the absorbency of paper. Dilute it with warm water and apply it with Hake (Goat hair brush). Available in 60ml squeeze bottle if you need bigger jar than 60ml you can also buy "Dosa" from Nakagawa. You will find this product in the Nihonga section of our webshop.

Ox Gall medium

Price €9.83
Holbein Ox Gall medium 60ml : Often used with gouache in Animation. The Ox Gall medium improves adhesion to non-porous surface like acetate cels. It's also a wetting agent that improves flow and enhances wet-into-wet techniques when mixed with watercolors. It also improves the acceptance of watercolor on paper particulary hard-sized papers. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.

Iridescent medium

Price €6.67
Holbein Iridescent medium 60ml : This artist-grade medium is designed to facilitate iridescent (pearlescent) effect when mixed with watercolors, acrylic, gouache and acrylic gouache. Available in 60ml Squeeze bottle.

Paper texture paste

Price €12.75
Holbein Paper texture paste medium 100ml : This great product from Holbein gives the effect of drawing on watercolour paper when applied to various surfaces. Can be used on canvas, wood, grass, metal... to create a semi-absorbant base with a high whiteness. It has a rough texture similar to paper. It can be used with acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolours, pencils, pastels, oil pastels. Masking Ink can be also be used on the surface. There is no need to dilute the Holbein Watercolous Texture medium. It is recommended to use as is for the best resuklt. Apply the medium over several coats being sure not to apply to thickly. It is water resistant once dry. Available in 100ml jar.

Gum arabic medium

Price €9.83
Holbein Gum Arabic medium 60ml : An artist grade medium which will, when mixed with watercolors, ennhance gloss and transparency. Mixing with opaque colors, like gouache and posters colors, will also increase their transparency. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.

Pencil blender Meltz

Price €6.92
Holbein pencil blender Meltz 35ml : Holbein Meltz Coloured Pencil Blender, is a liquid medium that can be used over oil based pencils like Holbein pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromos, Rembrandt by Lyra.... to create gradation, effortless blending and gives your artwork a watercolour-like effect. With this great product your drawings will more realistic and refined. Available in 35ml squeeze bottle. The best tool for this blender is a empty dye liner like Angelus : https://www.adam-eshop.com/en/empty-marker-and-tips/2305-angelus-dye-liner-fine-sneakers.html

Holbein watercolour sample...

Price €9.58
Holbein watercolour sample satmp  : Holbein create this stamp with a pattern imitation atransparent Holbein watercolour tube. Practical accessory for creating your own colour palette and always having the number and name of the watercolour number. Use a permament felt pen like the pilot Twin Marker to write the number. Waterproof !


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