Mijello watercolors

Mijello watercolors

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Set 34 Colors Mission Mijello

Price €208.29
Mission Gold Water Color Set 34 Colors in 15ml : Innovative in their formulation, Mission Gold are the first watercolors ever manufactured that are free of silicone dioxide. This thickening agent inhibits transparency as it encapsulates pigments and creates a granular effect on paper. Mission Gold Watercolors are free of this agent, naturally viscous and unsurpassed for their clarity and luminosity. Created from only the finest pigments available, these colors are matured in traditional Korean pots until they achieve maximum brilliance. The result is pure, intense color that is lightfast with minimal color shift. The absence of a thickening agent also means that the concentrated colors disperse beautifully, even on a dry palette and paints left to dry for months are easily lifted. When mixed with a little Titanium White, Mission Gold can replace gouache making it ideal for design work. Set of thirty-four (34) colors including : W521 Lemon Yellow, W522 Permanent Yellow Light, W523 Permanent Yellow Deep, W518 Yellow Orange, W516 Vermilion, W511 Permanent Red, W512 Permanent Rose, W513 Rose Madder, W515 Permanent Alizarin Crimson, W551 Opera, W561 Yellow Ochre NO.1, W569 Raw Sienna, W563 Raw Umber, W564 Burnt Sienna, W565 Red Brown, W570 Burnt Umber, W566 Vandyke Brown, W567 Sepia, W531 Greenish Yellow, W532 Yellow Green, W534 Sap Green, W536 Viridian, W533 Olive Green, W535 Hooker's Green, W537 Vandyke Green, W541 Cerulean Blue, W543 Peacock Blue, W542 Cobalt Blue NO.1, W544 Prussian Blue, W546 Indigo, W545 Ultramarine Deep, W553 Permanent Violet, W502 Ivory Black, W501 Chinese White.

Set 24 Colors Mission Mijello

Price €107.50
Mission Gold Water Color Set 24 Colors in 7ml : Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours  are premium quality, designed with the help of professional watercolour artists. The colours are extremely rich and pure, and allow for bright, vibrant effects. These watercolours are handmade by first mixing pigments with premium mediums and dispersants. The concentration of the pure pigment means a little colour goes a long way and that there is very little colour shift from wet to dry. Many of the colours were recently reformulated for superior lightfastness to better preserve the intensity of your painting. This is a 24 tube set, perfect for watercolour enthusiasts. Includes 7 ml tubes of : Chinese White Lemon Yellow Permanent Yellow Deep Yellow Orange Permanent Red Permanent Rose Rose Madder Bright Opera Bright Clear Violet Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue No. 1 Peacock Blue Ultramarine Deep Indigo Viridian Hooker's Green Sap Green Yellow Ochre No. 1 Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Red Brown Van Dyke Brown Ivory Black


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