Glue for conservation

Fish glue, rice glue, casein glue... you can get at Adam Montmartre all the glue needed for conservation and restauration.

Glue for conservation

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Sennelier Fish glue

Price €24.92
Sennelier Fish glue 250ml : Sennelier Fish Glue  is a  50% dry fish extract  dissolved in water. It can be used as a  universal glue  for   a wide range of applications including  paper, cardboard, wood  etc.This  Sennelier Fish Glue  may be diluted in any proportion in water. It can also be used for making distemper and fabric glues, and in restoration, in a 30-50% concentration.  Sennelier Fish Glue  has good adhesive qualities, dries slowly, and comes in liquid form. It can be used cold. It is sold in  250ml bottles .

Wheat Starch Paste - 1kg

Price €8.25
Wheat Starch Paste - 1kg : Characteristics of Wheat Starch Paste Wheat starch makes a smooth adhesive that remains tacky, even when diluted to a thin consistency. Once dry, it produces a strong, reliable bond. Wheat starch paste has been used for centuries in the Orient, and has proved to be a suitable adhesive for direct, long-term application to paper.

Zin Shofu - Lascaux 1.5kg

Price €74.17
Zin Shofu - Lascaux 1.5kg : Base Precipitated wheat starch Properties • chemically neutral and reversible • very good resistance to biological and chemical decomposition • non-toxic • constant pH value • completely transparent when dry • reversible with water Manufactured by Nakamura & Co. specialized in precipitated wheat starch for several generations. During manufacture of this high-quality wheat starch, the starch is precipitated out and the gluten removed. The wheat starch paste is therefore particulary fine and the reversibility as well as the resistance to microbial decomposition is increased. Solubility Soluble in water

Polyamide Textile Adhesive...

Price €9.13
Polyamide Textile Adhesive Welding Powder 5065 : Base Thermoplastic copolyamid resin. Properties Melting point of 90-100°C. Uses It is used as a hot-melt adhesive for textiles and leather. In conservation it is widely used for tear-mending of paintings on canvas. The tensile strength is sufficient in most cases. lf higher tensile strength is required, type no. 256, which has a melting point of 105-115°C, can be used. Application Polyamide Textile Welding Powder is a hot-melt adhesive. The easiest way of application is to stick a hot soldering needle into the powder and then apply the melted polyamide. Another method consists of melting the polyamide powder with an iron between two sheets of Hostaphan film, in order to obtain a coat of approx. 1-2 mm thickness. After cooling, the polyamide coat is cut in very thin strips. These strips are then used together with the soldering needle to weld the threads. Size Jars of 50 g.

Paraloid B72

Price €33.25
Paraloid B72 1 kg : Paraloid B-72 is an excellent general purpose acrylic resin. It can be applied in either clear or pigmented coatings by a variety of application methods. But  usually used  inconservation as a reversible adhesive for the repair of small carved objects (wood, metal, ivory, glass, stone) or archaeological ceramics in 20% concentration. This resin can also be appreciated by restorers as a primer during restoration or marking work in 5% concentration. Features: colorless, resistant to aging (does not yellow) and abrasion. Soluble in acetone, toluene and xylene.

Collasine glue EV

Price €7.92
Collasine glue "Eclat de de verre" 500gr : Collasine glue of 500g ready to use. Neutral glue, does not stain, it is particularly used for restoration or for fragile and delicate documents.


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