Medium Adam25

"The uniqueness of IKB does not derive from the ultramarine pigment, but rather from the matte, synthetic resin binder in which the color is suspended, and which allows the pigment to maintain as much of its original qualities and intensity of color as possible. The synthetic resin used in the binder is a polyvinyl acetate developed and marketed at the time under the name Rhodopass M60A by the French pharmaceutical company Rhône-Poulenc. Adam still sells the binder under the name "Médium Adam 25" *Wikipedia

Medium Adam25

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1 liter Medium Adam 25

Price €62.42
Medium ADAM 25 : Since the 50's Adam invented lots of varnish and medium. One of them became very famous thanks to Yves Klein. A special linking paint invented in 1954 by Edouard Adam for the artist Yves Klein who used with ultramarine blue pigments. Klein patented this blue under the "Soleau enveloppe" N° 63 471. The medium is still available from us and you can mix it with any pigments, particularly the red, yellow and orange cadmiums. Mixed with our Adam25 medium you will obtain a paint who produce a strong vibration. It was what Yves Klein was looking for : "The Color vibration through a continuum of deviations monochrome". Get more information on departure magazine :

1 L Alcool 95° for the...

Price €10.75
1 L Alcool 95° for the Medium Adam25 : During application, if the paint is too sticky (for example filaments appear between the roller brush and the canvas) add a touch of this 95° alcohol. If you wish to apply the paint on sculpture with a spray gun. In this case you should add 30% of this alcool in your mix (Pigments + medium Adam25)


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