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12 fields guides

Price €58.25
12 fields guides : Punched Acme 12 fields. Guides field in acetate, are used for “stage design”. Used by animators and camera technicians to plot the proportions of artwork to film frame as well as movement and layout. Thanks to it, you can wedge proportions, anticipate movements, and you have several scales. Accurately shows each individual field size, as well as center, north, south, east, west and 45 degree diagonal positions.

100 cells 12 field acme...

Price €66.58
100 cells 12 field acme punched for animation : Once the clean-ups and in-between drawings for a sequence are completed, they are prepared for photography, a process known as ink-and-paint. Each drawing is then transferred from paper to a thin, clear sheet of plastic called a cel , a contraction of the material name celluloid (cellulose acetate, seruga in Japanese). The outline of the drawing is inked or photocopied onto the cel, and gouache (or a similar type of paint) is used on the reverse sides of the cels to add colors in the appropriate shades. The gouache is fixed with ox gall or Colorex ink technic. The transparent quality of the cel allows for each character or object in a frame to be animated on different cels, as the cel of one character can be seen underneath the cel of another; and the opaque background will be seen beneath all of the cels.

Ox Gall medium

Price €9.83
Holbein Ox Gall medium 60ml : Often used with gouache in Animation. The Ox Gall medium improves adhesion to non-porous surface like acetate cels. It's also a wetting agent that improves flow and enhances wet-into-wet techniques when mixed with watercolors. It also improves the acceptance of watercolor on paper particulary hard-sized papers. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.


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