Reflective pigments

Our reflective Pigments are highly Light Reflective Powder Similar as 3M Reflective Powder

Reflective Pigment, Highly Reflective Powder 3M Reflective Powder

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Reflective Pigments

Price €24.92
Reflective Pigments (Glass Beads) : Retroreflectivity helps the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source. In more scientific terms, retroreflection occurs when light rays are returned in the direction from which they came. You should mix this powder with the color Angelus Neutral : 1 part of pigments for 1 part of neutral, it's better to add 2 Thin. And for a better result please applying before your mix a coat of black mat paint (Angelus Flat Black)  Can + Pigments : 0.050 kg (Empty can : 0.012kg)


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