crayon wopex 180 staedtler

HB Wopex 180 Staedtler

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HB Wopex 180 Staedtler


HB Wopex 180 Staedtler :

First pencil Made in WOPEX (Wood Pencil Extrusion): Manufacturing process, unique in the world, based on co-extrusion, that is to say the simultaneous extrusion of several components: the natural graphite mine, the wood ( 70%) and the coating.Written longer than most graphite pencils.A unique experience thanks to its smooth antislip surface and its ultra-resistant mine, slides smoothly on the paper.Exellent resistance to breakage.Optimization of the use of wood (80% of a tree with the WOPEX process versus 20% with a standard manufacturing process).Solvent-free manufacturing process. Certified wood, from sustainably managed forests.

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