Boite de 12 Aquarelles Gansai

Boite de 12 Aquarelles Gansai

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Hagyo medium

Price €10.75
Hagyo medium for Korean Colors : ShinHan Painting Glue for Professionals is a medium intended for use in color mixing. A water based glue processed from liquefied gelatin, it is used for painting thickly on hanji, traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees. Its transparency is very important in protecting the chroma and value of colors mixtures. To ensure the preservation of an artwork, combine one part glue with one part water when using the following colors (White, Yellow Light, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Opal Green, Ultramarine Blue, Light Blue Violet, Orange, Lemon Yellow Pale and Raw Sienna) For other colors, mix one part glue with two parts water.

Gofun Hakurei

Price €20.75
Gofun Hakurei 150gr (with the glue)  : Gofun is an opaque white pigment made from pulverized high quality oyster shells. It has a pearl like luster. Used in Nihonga Painting, in traditional japanese doll making, and also often splashed on a print to imitate effects such as snow in a three dimensional manner.  It is made from natural clam shell, by allowing Oyster shells to decompose until all organic matter is gone then grinding the remaining shell. Like on the video above you need to mix gofun with melted nikawa (Japanese traditional glue). The Hakurei is Gofun already mixed with the animal glue.


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