15 fields / 32x40cm / 500 feuilles

15 fields / 32x40cm / 500 sheets

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15 fields / 32x40cm / 500 sheets


15 fields / 32x40cm / 500 sheets

For professionnals in Animation : 500 sheets of punched Acme 15 fields (32x40)

15 fields/32x40cm/500 feuilles
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Carmine red 20045 - Col-Erase pencil The Col-erase pencils are perfect for illustration, animation... Pencil with eraser features nontoxic thin lead formula that erases effortlessly. The Col Erase is used extensively by cartoonists, key animators and layout men for checking... Adam Montmartre carry for many years now all the colors from Col-Erase. If you are looking for the largest stock in Europe and interested in bulk buying just contact us by mail at adam.montmartre (at) gamil.com

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Acme pegbar steel ultra Thin : This is the smallest foot print pegbar which allows to keep in place sheets of paper such as you will be able to help you drawing the next picture thanks to the previous one. The pins in the peg bar match the holes in the paper. It is attached to the animation desk or light table depending on which is being used. You can find this type of pegbar in different Animation studios.

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