Adam Montmartre is the nly shop in Europe that offers every kind of drawing materials for traditional animation and stop motion animation. You can also find the famous Col Erase pencils at its best price (wholesale rate for more than 10 packs)

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Adam Montmartre offers you COL-ERASE pencils at its best price in France since 1996 : 1€80 ! (directly imported from US). If you have any issue with ordering or if you want to benefit from the wholesaler price, contact us : Our clients: Disney, Xylam, Team To, Gaumont animation, Michel Gondry and many tattoo shops in Europe!
The best coloured pencils you can find, Very pleasant to work with, the pencil strokes are less visible. Many effects are possible especially with the remover. Adam Montmartre is the only shop in France for the Prismacolor Premier pencils.
Here, you can find Acme punched papers (A4, 12 Fields, 15 Fields) but also exposure sheets, story board sheets and Deleter or Anis comic book papers for Manga.
Rulers Acme/ Peg Bar made in South Korea by ANIS.
Animation table made in France by Handroo
Adam Montmartre is specialized in Stop Motion's supplies for many years. Here, you can find all the essential materials to start your first film.
Wacom graphic tablet shop in France
Animation Stand