Old Holland

Old Holland has been making artist colors since 1664, making it one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the art supplies industry. The company is known for uncompromising adherance to traditional techniques and standards.

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Thanks to the highest possible concentration of pigment in each colour, the Old Holland’s oil paint has an unprecedented colour strength. Within the unique range of 168 colours, there is a wide range of opaque and transparent colours.
The Old Holland research laboratory thoroughly tested more than 250 pigments and many different mediums before a selection was made of only the best available of these, irrespective of the cost, which were incorporated into the series. In contrast to the many major producers of acrylic paints, Old Holland chose a 100% pure acrylic medium from a product-oriented European manufacturer above the more obvious resins available worldwide. While more expensive, this choice adds a unique characteristic to the New Masters, unequalled by its competitors. In other words, as the world's first producer of oil paint, Old Holland is rightly proud of the fact that New Masters Classic Acrylics have the same characteristics and texture as Old Holland's oil paint. This bears witness to the quality of New Masters; visually it is indistinguishable, in terms of colour strength, gloss and intensity, from the oil paint range which forms the basis of the Old Holland legacy.